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At Ohana, we believe that surfing is a family affair. That’s why we welcome surfers of all ages and skill levels to join us and become part of our surfing family. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of positivity, support, and care for eachother, where everyone feels like they belong. At the end of the day, we are here to have fun.

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Discover the feeling of surfing by choosing our one day surf initiation. During the surf lesson, we work for you to become a better surfer, always in a safe and fun way. We guarantee you to stand up on a board for your first lesson. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, we also help you to improve your surf skills with appropriate program according to your surf level on our surf lessons.

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We have available a great variety of surf board you can choose from, grab our surf board and enjoy the good waves. It will always be a great experience!

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meet our wonderful STAFF AND surfing instructors

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The engine of Calhau, Rodolfo, is originally from mainland Portugal. He spent his youth traveling the world as an architect and surfer before finding his “home” In Madeira in 1992 and now is second “home” here in Sri Lanka.

ohana team


Paula, our manager, is like a mother to us all. Having worked in various companies in Madeira, as well as being a hotel and guesthouse mentor, she gained extensive experience in management. She likes to surf and although she had found the sport at the age of 39, she participated in and won some female surf competitions.

ohana team


Augusto Is the regional champion in Madeira Island in bodyboard for several years in a row, expert in surfing,  he spends most of his time in the water and lives right at the beach. Our “Duro” is like a fish in the water, you can expect to learn a lot from him.

ohana team


Local surfer and surf instructor knows all the good spots, is a big heart person always ready to help with is big smile, the Ohana Surf Guest House in Sri Lanka start because of him, Thank you very much Chamil !!!

ohana team


Marta, our surf champ, has been surfing since the age of 5. She has competed in several local young surf contests and won some of them. She is studying for a Financial Master and she is our youngest qualified surf instructor with extensive surf experience. She loves to travel, and meet new people and cultures. Her sensitivity shows how big her heart is, and you can always count on her for help!

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